This project was based on The Library of Babel, a story by Jorge Luis Borges. The themes that I focused on were order and disorder. The three publications correspond with three design layouts; text only, image and text, and image only. The text publication has been designed in the format of a traditional book using the golden ratio, and all have been hand bound with coptic binding and a clear varnished title on the cover.

BOOK 1: Text only: A system was created to replace letters with mathematical symbols, this at first seems random and disordered.

BOOK 2: Image and Text: The seeming disorder of the first book is made clear when each symbols is explained and why it links with a particular letter.

BOOK 3: Image Only: A 'disordered' group of symbols is repeated on every page until the greater pattern can be seen. This resonates with the last line in the story stating that the disorder of the library, when repeated, becomes order.