This project came about from a curiosity and love of brushes and mark making. I wanted to explore the brush as a tool, an object, an instrument in its own right. As a graphic designer, making interesting marks, shapes and patterns comes with the territory. But sometimes those accidental marks are more exciting than those which have been planned and executed accurately. 

I created a series of tools which are unpredictable in their nature. I then collected the marks made by participants using these tools and produced a newspaper publication displaying those marks and feedback from the users. These tools encouraged the participants to embrace unpredictability and restrain their natural desire to want to be in control.

Illustrator Marion Deuchars was a special collaborator in this project. I produced a book containing all of her marks made by my brushes.

If you're interested in using these brushes, or would like some of your own, please don't hesitate to contact me through the contact page.