My name is Layla Grainger and I'm a Graphic and Media Designer based in South East London.


I am passionate about design being a tool to implement positive changes in the world and that socially conscious designs or products do not need to be kept in the realm of ‘charity’ but can become independent and financially sustainable ventures.

I enjoy taking a cross-disciplinary approach to my work, being interested in all aspects from research gathering and analysis, to ideation, to hands-on making - as well as a love for both print and digital.

Coming from a multi-cultural background I am fascinated by different cultures and also enjoy traveling; both of which influence and inform much of my work.

Over 95% of the designers who have ever lived are alive today. Together, we have the power to define what professionalism in the communications industry will be about: helping increase market share or helping repair the World.
— David Berman